Alpheios Mobile Reader Prototype

This is a prototype of a mobile-friendly Alpheios reader application intended to provide a consistent user experience across devices and in varying network conditions. We envision offering a selection of texts accessible as individual applications on your mobile device. We also hope to give the user greater control over which features and content can be available for offline use, based upon the specific need at any given time. This release requires an online connection and is a prototype only. Our primary goal is to solicit feedback on mobile design features and user preferences for Alpheios functionality in a mobile environment.

Try now with:

Tips for Use

  1. Select a text from the list of sample texts.
  2. Touch a word you would like to lookup. The Alpheios panel should open in the bottom half of the display. Or try here with these words: cepit (Latin), φιλόσοφος (Greek), آسان (Persian), صاحب (Arabic).
  3. Use the menu button on the panel to navigate between the morphology, definitions, grammar and inflection tables. Or swipe in the Alpheios panel header to switch between tabs.
  4. Use your device's Add To Home Screen feature to access it directly as an app on your device. On Android devices you should be prompted automatically with this option. It can also be found in the browser menu. On iOS devices you will need to click the Share icon and then Add to Home Screen from there.

Texts Coming Soon:



We plan to publish a full corpus of Latin and Greek texts for use with mobile devices. The above list is a starting point.


We are maintaining a list of ideas on which we would like feedback. Please comment, add new ones or email us your thoughts and suggestions.